Mirrors Edge Catalyst is A Great Game for Fans

Mirrors Edge Catalyst is a non-stop action/adventure game that lets the player emurse themselves in the free running city called glass. You play as the character named Faith Connors who is released from a juvenile detention center run by the oppressive Kruger Holding Corporation.

Runners own the rooftops and live free from the control of Kruger Corporation as long as they don’t cause too much conflict. Parkour training and advance technology helps runners glide through the rooftops and find new creative ways to traverse the city. Faith’s skills as a runner and martial artist are utilized greatly with whatever obstacle that comes in her path.

The first Mirrors Edge game for the Xbox 360 showed us a mature and experienced Faith but Mirrors Edge Catalyst shows us of her past and how she became the best fabled runner. EA certainly advanced in gaming with an open world free running environment, a new fighting system, and the manipulation of gadgets.

With an entire city’s roof tops at Faith’s fingertips you can explore hidden areas and search for side missions to complete. The main story plot fills you with new challenging areas with multiple solutions at your will to choose.

Map of Glass City Courtesy of Mirrors Edge Catalyst Profile Map

In an IGN review of the game written by Ryan Mccaffrey  he writes,”The staples of Mirror’s Edge remain refreshing and unique in the first-person genre in 2016, but Catalyst’s attempts to keep up with the open-world Joneses don’t always jive with its design strengths of movement and momentum. On top of that, muddy-looking console versions and a lame story filled with unlikable characters doom Mirror’s Edge’s return to fall short. I was so happy this game was being made, but in the end I’m just as disappointed in how it turned out”.

Maccaffery claims to be a big fan of Mirrors edge from the first game, but doesn’t do a good job in evoking those warm feelings of enjoyment.

There is plenty to do in Mirrors Edge Catalyst with side missions, time trials, and hidden items to find. I would admit to being hesitant about purchasing the game for myself but my true passion for the story took over and that’s something I don’t regret. It’s everything I loved about the first Mirrors Edge plus the new running skills game developers introduced.

If you can’t shoot guns and the quality of the fame isn’t a Blue Ray movie then the game isn’t considered good? Okay, those things may be drawbacks but it pushes you to constantly think about your next move. Even if you arrant familiar with the play-style there is a new feature called “Runners Vision” that creates a path for the player to follow if they can’t figure out another route.

This game is defiantly for anyone who likes to think on their feet and face challenges with an open mind. There is a history to Faith that we aren’t sure of and this game makes everyone feel comfortable not knowing all the information immediately.

If you so happen to worry about Online game-play you can create time trials and compete in races for the top position in the leader-boards. Players can create and partake in interesting courses across the city that are made to see who is truly the fastest runner. You can also download the Mirrors Edge Catalyst App on your device to keep track of your progress in the game and online community.

IGN gave Mirrors Edge Catalyst a 6.8 but I’ll give it a solid “Check It Out”. Take your time with the game and enjoy the experience. If you go in expecting a in-depth Mass Effect Galaxy of a game then of course you will be disappointed, but what can beat Mass Effect? Am I Right?



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