New Xbox One S stands for Slim and Sexy

Say hello to the latest and greatest Xbox One S with the features Xbox fans have been waiting for.

The E3 event is known as the hub for gamers and entertainment enthusiast alike to take a look at what’s new or coming soon to own. Game developers come together to release news, release dates, and game-play of their latest work.

Microsoft made a big announcement with the revel of the Xbox One S model Entertainment/Gaming system. It’s new sleek and stylish design makes this model one of a kind and offers the vertical standing feature not provided by the Xbox One.

People will still be able to watch Blue-Ray quality movies and connect to their subscriptions such as HBO or Netflix, but the new features of the Box itself are hidden in the design.

In an interview with IGN, Carl Ledbetter who is the Executive Creative Director for Microsoft helped discuss the latest features of the Xbox One S (See on 1:10).

Possibly the greatest feature about the new system is it’s smaller size. On the Xbox website the learn more option under the Xbox One S tells us it is 40% smaller than the previous model. Which means you won’t have to worry about your shelf from falling apart.

Even the main power to the S is connected directly to the system rather than using a clunky Battery with extra cords. This is refereed to as an Uni-Body design that allows all of the necessary electrical work to happen inside of the system. The Power Button along with the disc eject person swayed away from the touch feature and allows for easier access in the front.

We can’t forget about the new Bluetooth integrated controller. This allows players to expand into computer gaming and bring their specially designed controller along. Multi-platform gaming is a definite push by Microsoft with their cross platform gaming system which will allow players to interact with each other through computer or system.

Xbox One S coming out in August of 2016 for $399 with a 2TB hard drive is Fantastic and enough space for players to download games, movies, and more.



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