Assassin’s Creed is left ripe after Rotten Tomatoes Review

Assassin’s Creed, the video game franchise turned movie, holds a 17% rating by Rotten Tomatoes creating another casualty in poor movie reviews.

After seeing the movie, almost a week after the its release and begging a fellow moviegoer to tag along, we left with an overall sense of appreciation. Our history playing the Assassin’s Creed video games is limited by which we’ve played already but, the film still captured the overall sense of a renaissance time period with rival powers competing against one another for the sake of humanity.

Poor ratings by critics seem to come from a misinterpreted story plot with less emphasis on story and rather amount of authenticity. For a fictional film, which is in part the problem in initial reviews, the film captures an almost believable story.

One older woman, sitting in the back of the theater with her husband, would mumble, “I think this is based on a true story.”

Assassin’s Creed is definitely a fictitious tale, Unfortunately and fortunately, based in history of the Templars, who wish to control humanity. The Assassins, who protect humanity from being enslaved, seek to destroy the Templars for the sake of freedom.

giphy (7).gif

In the film we follow Carly Lynch who, having a questionable criminal past, gets a second change by helping the Abstergo company access the memories of his ancestor, Aguilar. What Abstergo/The Templars want to find, despite failure in the past, is The Apple of Eden, which is the supposed source of all life and its secrets.

Mesmerizing special effects around a 15th century Spain creates the most bad-ass History Channel episode ever made. The ascetics comes in a mix of old fashion brick work to high tech modern furniture. Lynch is kept in the Auditore building testing out the animas machine, supposedly made to extract specific DNA sequences to have a person relive their ancestors life.

In the Ubisoft game franchise, using the animas machine is already developed through visors, we follow the tale of Despond Miles’s ancestor Ezio Auditore. We get to dive, in the movie, into Aguilar which is the Grandfather of Ezio. This gives gamers the ability to connect with the film and others the ability to catch up with the franchise.

Subtitles in the film maybe reason for poor reviews, in lieu of a national epidemic of easy accessibility, but it brought focus further in time-lapsed scenes. The story runs through the scenes in a timely manner without leaving large cliff hangers.

With actors Michael Fassbender, Jeremy Irons, and Marion Cotillard, the film harbors award winning acting. The conflict between Assasins and Templar is embodied by these actors and makes you want each animas experience to last longer. giphy-9

Watch Assassin’s Creed with attention to detail and open optimism about a history imbedded in Assassin and Templar Blood. The two hour film leaves no gaps and serves as an introduction to those who are unfamiliar with the franchise. Some characters maybe capable of more than first perceived.

It’s best reviewed by IMDb.comm with a greater evaluation of 6.5-10 rating.



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