Injustice 2: Onslaught of DC Heroes and Villains

Injustice 2, the latest anticipated fighting game where DC Heroes and Villains brawl hits stores May 16, 2017. The closed Beta, allowing players to demo the new available characters and special features, titillated the fan base wanting more.

Injustice plays with the idea of a Multiverse, multiple universes existing produced by multiple people creating unlimited choices, and friends becoming foes. In summary of the first game, it starts with an incident where the Joker places bombs around the main cities, including metropolis, and sets the Justice League on a race around the city. Superman gains the first lead when hearing Jimmy Olsen’s wrist watch sound off near the harbor. When Superman arrives, he finds a Jimmy dead with a message sending superman after the Joker to save Louis Lane.

Finding a submarine far into the ocean using his x-ray vision he chases leads from the Joker without the Justice League. Batman, wonder woman, and the flash find most of the bombs planted in the city accept for one unaccounted. Once Batman realizes the Joker’s plan goes farther than planting bombs, he realizes Superman is at risk.

Once Superman breaks into the submarine in search for Louis Lane, his wife and soon to be mother of one, he is hit with an untraceable kryptonite laced fear toxin that makes him perceive Louis as Doomsday. In quick action and without thinking, he flies into space with Doomsday in hand only to realize he accidentally killed his unborn son and wife because of the Joker.

A nuclear sized bomb explodes in metropolis just as Louis’s heart stops beating. In a rage, Superman finds the Joker and punches his fist though the insane prince of crime. Batman, shocked and awestruck, disbands from the Justice League and goes into hiding as Superman begins to take over the world.

With the remaining heroes and villains, Batman creates a rebel team to combat the super-humans following Superman’s regime. After years of combatting Superman, Batman plans on sending over alternate universe Justice League members to stop the rouge superman and restore democracy. In all of his efforts, full out war begins between Amazons, Atlantans, and Heroes alike. With the help of our universe heroes Superman and Batman, justice is restored to the alternate universe and evil Superman is kept imprisoned.

Injustice 2 creates speculation regarding story arch. The Lines Are Redrawn may indicate a new struggle between our Batman and Superman or a retelling of the moments in-between the first game not really expanded. In the story trailer of Injustice 2 we hear Brainiac narrating a the series of events from the first game with intentions of “redrawing” the lines of history. Darkside also appeared as a villain reveal possibly playable in the game. Might we see a rouge superman break from his imprisonment to stop a rouge batman or will we be fed the old story as a prequel to the first game?

One of the more interesting developments since the Beta includes the new Gear System that allows players to earn different and customizable gear for their played characters online. Options to change costume color and types open the game to unique play-styles. Some gear allows for different move sets to be placed at your convenience such as the option to have Black Canary use her sonic screech or a small sonic bomb. Each gear and the ability to pick different move sets opens the idea of fighting games to be customizable beyond colors.

Since the date of the closed Beta new characters were released as upcoming playable characters.Developers allow fans a sneak peak at the available characters with some more anticipated than others.  Robin, the son of Batman, Black Canary, the meta-human with a supersonic scream, and Blue Beetle, a know member of the Teen Titians attached to advanced alien technology, are apart of the post-beta character reveals.

Black Canary is certainly a brawler in the game. IGN breaks down her abilities and lets us admire her variety of combos. She doesn’t seem to have much zoning ability from a distance, but anyone who prefers close-quarter fighting would defiantly appreciate her skill set. Canary’s expert fighting experience, as a Bird of Prey, comes from her mentor called Wildcat, a champion boxer and street fighter master. The Arrow television show may have distorted her origins, but fans should have faith in the Injustice Franchise.

As possibly the fourth or fifth sidekick under the Batman, Damian Wayne makes his stand in the Injustice Universe as Robin. Damian did appear in the first Injustice downing the cowl of Nightwing, but didn’t harbor the red, green, and yellow iconic tights. The legitimate son of Bruce Wayne was raised by his mother who enforced the deadly League of Assassins lifestyle. Damian is lethal and skilled, while wielding a sword in combat, aided with training under his father, Batman. His fighting style may alter with the gear system upgrades possibly altering weapons, but more details will be released in May.

Wonder women is a seasoned veteran of the injustice franchise and played a crucial role in the first game. Her reveal really serves as a demonstration for the different unique gear sets available to unlock. Blue Beetle, on the other hand, makes his debut for the first time in the Injustice. Jaime Reyes, a member of the new 52 universe teen titians who dawns alien technology attached to his body, dawns the Blue Beetle name and brings a variety of tools to his fighting style. His gameplay in the beta allows players to alternate between a distanced and close quarters fighting with retractable arm blades. By the end of the Beta players should be accustomed to this blue armored hero.

Harley Quinn comes into the game with a new fuller look and suicide squad twist on her outfit. She seems to keep some of her original skills with new features like her two hyena hounds. The Joker isn’t far behind when Harley Quinn makes an appearance, but he hasn’t been confirmed on the official website. Deadshot also joins the roster clearly being a zoning heavy character equipped with a heavy arsenal of weapons and firearms. For the hitman that never misses, he’s equipped with the infamous wrist shooters as seen in Suicide Squad.

Other characters revealed on the Injustice website includes Aquaman, Flash, Brainiac, Poison Ivy, Bane, Supergirl and Gorilla Grod. Supergirl has received a large amount of fan support due to her television show on cbs and the growing fanbase. Another character is said to be revealed February 13th.


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