Battlefront II Gives Players what they’ve deserved

If free downloadable content with a pre-order doesn’t sell the newest EA Star Wars Battlefront II video game, then consider the return of character classes and space battle as another reward.

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In the annual E3 conference where Microsoft and other game developers come together to reveal their latest projects, games, and systems, Star Wars Battlefront II full game trailer was shown while some were given the opportunity to test the new game on Sunday, June 11.

Ever since the release of the first Star Wars Battlefront game for Xbox One and Playstation 4, fans were disappointed with EA’s efforts. Most of the complaints came from not seeing the original concepts in the first Battlefront games to be released.

Sure. Customization of your character through an earned points system is aesthetic and addicting. There weren’t any real Star Wars shooters yet released for the Xbox One, so despite the cries of fans and players, we had to take what was given at the time.

The debuffing and OP systems always seemed to change and that extra couple of dollars spent on that DL-44 went down the drain (I was boss with that blaster). A few more DLC came out sporting the new Rouge One characters like Director Krenik and Jyn Arso, later giving a Jakku map before the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, and providing some space battles through a Death Star DLC.

But all that money with the hopes of the past Battlefront being reborn dissuaded fans and hit EA hard with a large amount of complaints and negative feedback when it came to new content.

giphy (38).gifThe first Battlefront resembled nothing of the old, with no single player campaign, no in-game classes, no super battle droids, and no Jedi Master Yoda. Very Bad this is.

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Any hopes for redemption comes after seeing the first teaser trailer for Battlefront II that introduced the return of a single player campaign and a hint at visiting the Star War prequels. We see a specialized empire trooper squad witnessing the destruction of the second death star and the possible beginning of the First Order from Star Wars The Force Awakens. 

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The full trailer for the game showed clips of fighting on Tatooine, Hoth, and new battlegrounds from after the events of Star Wars Return of The Jedi to the attack on StarKiller base. Space Battles, Tontons, Jedi and Sith from all the films, makes their way back to Battlefront after three years of angry gamers and loyal fan requests.

As a way to test gameplay mechanics and further tease the better and improved multiplayer style, fans and participants at the E3 conference were given the chance to test the game in a battle for the Naboo Palace between the Separatists and Clone Army.

giphy (40)

(Watch highlights from game play in another blog post )

Utilizing in-battle points to strategize what class of trooper to choose changes the battle and allows for special ability customizations. What we know as Star Cards in Battlefront 1 will be used as different features for a specific class. Your Clone Trooper may sport a protective shield instead of a shotgun, or run into battle in personalized decal.

giphy (42).gif

A copy and pre-order of Battlefront II brings an look into Star Wars The Last Jedi characters and DLC Finn and Captain Phasma. More will be determined on November 17, 2017. Just fix the droid voices please. No nasally cartoon voices. Thanks!

giphy (43)
Waiting, I will be.



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