Highlights from Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay

The E3 conference gives gamers and fans information on the latest work being done by big video game companies. Amongst those in the E3 2017 conference was EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II and a first extensive look at the new gameplay.

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Soldier classes are back to Battlefront with an in-game point system that allows players to strategize their playstyle. Jump Pack troopers, Officers, and your loyal Assault troopers become are just the start. Seeing Clone Wars troopers brings back memories of the 2004 Battlefront, where you’d sit around the television in the AC as a youngling, and fight your way in Mustafar or Hoth.

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EA’s presence in Battlefront is prevalent with a similar load screen to that of Battlefield 1. The separatists are back, although with annoying Star Wars Episode III droid voices, but you take the good (Darth Maul) with the bad (regular battlefield voices). The heavy troopers (my personal favorite of the past games) are back and pack some serious suppressive fire.

giphy (44)

Speaking of Heroes, Darth Maul is the first face of the Sith we see in the new Battlefront game holding his iconic double bladed lightsaber. He can’t deflect lasers…. but he’s a fast speed destructive force that can tear into a crowd of soldiers. Something missed in the first Battlefront was a fast paced Sith that rivaled Luke.

giphy-downsized-large (5)The elegant and powerful Rey joins Battlefront for the first time with a glimpse at her force powers and skills with a lightsaber. News on characters from Star Wars The Last Jedi being featured in this game was released at E3. Rey’s origins story is still in question, but we know she can easily manipulate the minds of others, and has a special feature that changes the controls of the enemy combatants.

giphy-downsized-large (6)

The Super Battle Droid and Jump Pack troopers are just as deadly as the previous games. Playstyle will definitely make a difference in Battlefront II. The Attack on Theed gameplay on Naboo at E3 showcased everything from the advanced graphics, in depth game mechanics, and nostalgia.

Land vehicles and space battles were confirmed during the E3 gameplay with a hint at more downloadable content, in a live interview by IGN with EA game developers. The best way to be connected with any further information is to tune in here and wait until the Pre-order date is released.


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