Injustice 2: Sub-Zero in July

Red Hood and Sub-Zero DLC Week of E3

Once again, fans of the Warner Brother, Netherrealm, and DC Comics Injustice 2 game were treated to a special look at Sub-Zero at the E3 conference on Wednesday, June 14.

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The Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2 allowed players to have access to John Stewart Green Lantern, Power Girl, and Reverse Flash, with exclusive shaders at 1st day release. The promise of nine DLC characters, besides Dark Side that was available if pre-ordered, started to fill with Red Hood and Sub Zero on the way. Starfire is the last DLC character for those who owned the ultimate pack and a iconic Teen Titans member.

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Sub-Zero is an original Mortal Kombat character owned by Netherrealm and updated in the recent Mortal Kombat X video game. Kuai Liang is the Grand Master of the Lin Kuei clan and fought for the safety of earth in Mortal Kombat X. His story tower ending showed a protecting Lin Kuei and Sub Zero leading them in protecting the world from any otherworldly threat.

In the first Injustice game, Scorpion made an appearance with little to no reasoning besides Injustice being a Netherrealm game. But Sub Zero’s presence in the DC Comics world involves Brainiac, as said in his character bio on the Injustice 2 website.

Sub-Zero’s moveset looks drastically similar to his combos in Mortal Kombat X. but with minor alterations to his ice conjurations. No news on the types of armour that could be unlocked, but a classic Mortal Kombat outfit should be in a Multiverse world come July.

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The gifts of gaming keep giving for Injustice 2 players who bought the ultimate edition of the game, with the release of Red Hood Wednesday ,June 13 (U.S.), and the multiverse world specific to gain epic Red Hood armour.

Red Hood once took the mantle as Robin, the sidekick of batman, as the young rough street kid named Jason Todd. His life would drastically changed when captured by the Joker one night and tortured to death. Beat senselessly by the Joker’s hands wielding a crowbar, Batman failed his trusting partner and couldn’t save the young Jason Todd. Jason Todd was later taken to the Lazarus Pit in the League of Assassins and resurrected from the dead with bloodthirst for criminals. The “no killing rule” no longer applied to Red Hood and he decided to life as a reminder to Batman of his failure and taking criminals down the one way he knows; Death.

His play style hits hard and keeps any combatants at a distance without the excessive use of his pistoles. Players wanted Red Hood to make an appearance in Injustice since the first game, and developers really dove into the character for creating his balanced fighting style. He still sounds like a Robin, but fights like Deadshot and Captain Cold, with similar Joker combos with the knife (as ironic as that sounds).

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Starfire is the next on the list of DLC characters available via ultimate edition and her role in the game may rival Robin and Cyborg as original Teen Titian members or the flames of Firestorm. The DC Comics list of characters continue to grow as the first game to feature about 32 DC characters and 6 more to be revealed.


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