Why I won’t be purchasing Assassin’s Creed Origins

Ubisoft and the developers of the Assassin’s Creed video-game franchise have teased fans for too long. Assassin’s Creed Origins was revealed at the E3 2017 conference and releases on October, 27.

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I’ve owned a number of the Assassins Creed games for the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One S. When the first installment of Ubisoft’s creation released, it appeared as a new and unique type of gameplay. The free-roam features were similar to GTA games and implemented parkour style free running to climb almost any structure.

No doubt, Assassin’s Creed brings to life certain altered eras of worldly history and makes you feel impactful in being an assassin, but not enough steps are taken to bring the assassin’s world into the present.

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Since the first Assassin’s Creed game, the story follows the Templars and Assassins as they feud over who should own the apples of eden. The Templars stand for controlling the world and getting rid of free will to ultimately solve any worldly issues. The Assassins safeguard the relics and apples of eden against wrongful use by the Templars and live to protect the freedom of human will.

The Templars want to find any pieces of eden that were hidden in the past with the Assassin’s order. To best find these pieces the Templars created the Animus, a machine that makes a user relive their past ancestor’s lives through DNA scanning, and capture Desmond Miles for his Altair and Ezio family memories.

From there we’re lead to three other games following Desmond Miles until he’s killed by the discovered piece of eden and assumed dead. Then the Templars decide to make the Animus into a game servicing center while playing as pirates with some hints at modern assassin members.

Realize the Assasin’s Creed games total at 19 games including the newest game on the way. All of them struggle in maintaining a capturing story plot, but always seem to have new detailed and customizable game mechanics. Assassin’s Creed Liberty, Syndicate, Unity, and Black Flag were the only games close to the more modern twist on the Assassin’s Creed order.

In a longstanding relationship with the Assasin’s Creed games, giving up hope after Assassin’s Creed Revelations to coming back with Liberty, taking a shot at black flag but disappointed with Syndicate, spending more than $60 on Assassin’s Creed Origins seems like a miss. If received as a gift I’ll play the game, but i’ve been let down for too long by the franchise.

At one point it becomes the same hide, run, stab, and repeat type of game. What about the pyramids you may ask. The graphics do look great but if i wanted a game for the graphics I’d download a blu ray3 and stare at that for hours on end.

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Another concern. How many origins are we going to learn about? In all the Assassin’s games we get close to figuring out why the Templars and Assassins care so much about the pieces of eden only to be given another vague answer to continue dragging us along. First the apple was hidden and found then a sword or disks. Either way, it’s too repetitive even if there are new features that let you murder enemy Templars in a new way.

Where’s the modern and updated Assassins we see in the Assassin’s creed movie everyone didn’t like very much. If you’re a hardcore fan who knows every little detail of altered Assassin history than yes, the move was lacking, but it at least brought the audience to a modern era where Assassins are still running and lurking.

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Gives Us something!! How could the past history being altered to a fictional story not as important as a modern day outlook? Take a look at what Call of Duty accomplished with a futuristic shooter and now coming out with a WW2 remake. The story needs to progress and later go backwards. If the games continue leaping around points in its history an end will never come and countless of hours and money will continue to be depleted.

Unless the new Assassins Creed Origins gives us long time gamers answers, I’ll consider purchasing the game at used price. For now, Ubisoft needs to get a grip and move forward with the story before I turn 30 waiting for a modern game. Consider I was 11 years-old when the first Assassins game released. Patience runs thin after ten years later.

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Its best to give a brief at what’s to come in this new game. Assassin’s Creed Origins is based in Ancient Egypt where ancient pyramids and tools can be reached, according to the official ubisoft website. The new beginning for Assassin’s Creed is said to harness a new fighting system and memorable story. Will you be picking up a copy? Let me know in the comments and subscribe.



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