About Me


My name is Anthony Medina and welcome to The Ant’s Hill. Most of my friends call me Ant (pun intended).

I’m a Journalist and some may have different views on what that means. It might mean I’m an sensationalist that writes about only what would grab people’s attention. Some might say I’m a scapegoat or whistleblower. Those who know me would say I seek the truth and report the facts.

Sure, I must report on fires, police, courts, blah blah, but what I’ve seen is an expansion of creativity over the internet and a loose interpretation of what’s considered “news”. Understand how News coverage can vary from Health, Pets, Finances, and even Gaming. This is why I’ve made a blog.

To express myself through the art or reporting and cover stories I would like to work with as a career is the best way to live. I’m 20 years-old now and this is just the start of what is to come.

Follow me on my adventure of giving you what’s on my mind and insight on how it feels to be an Ant in a hill of millions trying to achieve their goals.


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